Taublieb Consulting Greenwood Village, Colorado, President

Services including the following: Plant Layout & Design Productivity Analysis Plant Evaluation Quality Control Systems Technical Problem Solving Marketing Assistance Employee Training Seminars & Workshops


Bullseye Screen Printing Supplies, Inc. Denver, Colorado, Owner/President

Screenprinting supplier with a strong slant to textile printers offering product and technical information and support.


LithoTech/ScreenTech Denver, Colorado, Technical Sales

Started their screenprinting division. 


Fashion Design Group, Inc. Denver, Colorado, Plant Manager

Company produced a line of garments and designs for direct prints and transfers for the ski and resort industries. Offered custom and contract printing.


Great American Screen Designs, Inc. Brooklyn, New York, Owner/Vice President Co-founder

of this award winning and innovative screenprinting company that specialized in designing and printing rock concert shirts. Contract printers for the garment and home furnishing industries.  Employed over 100 people including 6 artists.


American Broadcasting Company New York, New York, Graphic Designer,

Corporate Graphics


Fawcett Publications New York, New York, Designer

Special Interest Books Associate Art Director, True Magazine Art Director, Super News Resigned to work for ABC Network and rehired as an Art Director.


Appleton-Century-Crofts New York, New York

Paste-up and mechanical artist


Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan BS-Fine Art 1971 Major-Painting   Minor-Printmaking, Drawing