Annual On-Line & Telephone Consultation Program

$250.00 per year includes up to 3 hours of phone time plus access to all on-line technical papers including new ones.

  • Use this to get help with technical questions, plant layouts help, equipment questions and questions pertaining to artwork.

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Fee Schedule

Please be advised that my professional fees for technical consulting services and plant layout and design are listed. Clients are responsible for payment of all expenses incurred directly in conjunction with assignments and for all employment-related taxes and fees assessed outside the United States, particularly for professional services rendered in Canada and Mexico. Proprietary seminar and workshop programs conducted at trade shows, conventions, and other venues where attendees are charged registration fees or tuition will be invoiced or charged on a per-participant basis.
All fees for consultations, training programs, research assignments and feature-length or book-length projects are payable in full in advance.

On Location

In the US Overseas
$1,500 per day
$1,500 per day
3 day minimum
5 day minimum

Expenses for travel, lodging and meals are billed in addition to these fees (subject to confirmation by and approval of client) and are due immediately upon presentation of invoice. Work conducted overseas has a 5 day minimum billing.

Plant Layout and Design
Should travel to the facility be required, the fee would be billed according to the On Location schedule. For work that can be done in office, there will be an agreed upon fee based upon the size of the project or you can join the NEW On Line & Phone Consultation Fee program.