I have dealt with Charlie Taublieb since 1999, during which time he has provided our business with excellent support in all areas of screen printing where we needed. I have followed his seminars for years and found them extremely valuable. Demonstration instead of theory is one of his strongest parts.

Charlie is very enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for any training on site.

Samir SadıkoğluPlant ManagerEuropean T-Shirt FactoryIstanbul, Turkey

imaagineI am the Operations Director of Imagine Screen Printing in NJ.  We moved our factory of 13 automatics and Charlie was indispensable in helping setup a new screen dept and train employees that never worked in the industry to handle the quantity and quality of screens needed on a daily basis.  He setup the operation from start to finish and is still available whenever we need assistance or have questions.  I would highly recommend him.

Michael DymburtOperations DirectorImagine Screen PrintingNew Jersey

Jackson and I wanted to send you a short note of thanks for your impact on our screen printing department. In just a short couple of weeks they have gotten past their initial curve and are now far more productive. We have built a successful apparel brand in the last seven years and our move into decorating is an essential part of future growth plans. From screen tension to emulsion and exposure time to equipment knowledge we find ourselves thankful. We feel much better about going after big business and branded customer accounts. We are also looking forward to your follow up visit when our automatic is up and running. The entire staff left your training time feeling more confident and now the tangible improvements are present and increasing on a daily basis.

Consultants can be good and they can also be bad. We have seen both in our careers. You are certainly part of the 20% of consultants that deliver 80% of the value. We are happy to have continued access to your expertise and more importantly our team feels secure in their ability to be successful. Our next steps will be to get some of them to your ISS Seminars.

Jackson Burnett IVPresidentVapor ApparelCharleston, SC

“We set up a department within our Church of Scientology Dissemination and Distribution Center a little over a year ago, specifically designated for the production of specialty items such as garment decoration, hats, mugs, etc. When we started with a Kornit 932nds and immediately outgrew our production capacity as the demand for our products increased much more than had been predicted. So we purchased an MHM S-Type and had to learn from scratch the whole subject of screen printing and use of a screen printer. We attended the ISS Long Beach Seminars in Jan 2011 where we met Charlie as we attended one of his semchurch of sciinars. We were completely impressed by his ability to communicate the basic and important key concepts one needs to know about screen printing. He was also very approachable, interested and helpful.

“We went on to establish our facility but were running into different problems in attaining consistent, high quality products with ease. We asked Charlie to consult us which he was able to do for a period of 3-4 days and which was extremely valuable. He came and reviewed our shop set up and consulted us on basic points of establishment. He then showed us very basic technique on the tools of the trade and skill in screen printing in order to increase our quality and efficiency.

“Despite many attempts previously to learn there were many basics we were missing. Charlie made it easy by giving us the more important and simple basics we needed to know and then directing us to practice these over and over under his supervision until he could see that we had them down. At the end of his consultation we really understood the basics of how to properly set up and print a screen printing job and had learned so much.

“Since this time we have printed with efficiency and competence the most complicated jobs we had received thus far and have a continuously increasing demand for our products. One of our recent shirts was submitted to the SGIA and won an award! Now it is no sweat to set up and produce the most complicated jobs we can run.

This success is in no small part attributed to the consultation from Charlie.

“In addition to his initial visit Charlie has always been available, willing and helpful in giving us consultation on jobs where we have had a question here and there and needed his help.”

Karla & CarolinaChurch of Scientology Dissemination and Distribution Center

extreme wear“Having Charlie come to our shop was one of the best decisions we could have made.  He revamped our shop from the art department right on through our production floor.  His enthusiasm and knowledge is invaluable.”

Rich SmithXtreme WearDuBois, PA

cedar creekCharlie T. will care about your success as much as your newly acquired skills. He helped us start our decorated apparel business 5 years ago with recommendations on equipment and supplies, quality training, and frequent handholdingand he kept helping us long after his purchased consulting services were over. When you contract with Charlie, you get a highly capable consultant and professional colleague, and you also
get a friend.

Kristina & Bryan WilkinsCedar Creek CreationsKamiah, Idaho

“When we started in the screen printing business we were very young , thru Charlie’s advice laid the groundwork for an efficient, orderly and quality performance.
Now we are one of the country’s largest companies and we always appreciate the advice of our friend Charlie”

Roberto ReyesScreenprint ManagerGrupo MerletEl Salvador

We had the privilege and pleasure of working with Charlie at a 3 day seminar he instructed at the SGIA facility in VA. His enthusiasm for the industry was magnanimous and contagious! He was able to impart knowledge and eagerness to all who attended. It was for us especially beneficial as we were new to the industry yet taking over a 30 year old business. He is a creative thinker who enjoys exerting that creativity on every aspect of the industry and clients businesses. He is the go to guy for any question or problem one might need help with. We eagerly engaged him in a consulting capacity at our business with great satisfaction and consider him a great friend in the business.

EveOriginal Design CompanyN Haverhill, NH

“I have taken a number of seminars and training sessions from Charlie over the years at the ISS shows and finally had the opportunity to bring him to my shop for in house training and evaluation.  One of the best moves we’ve made!”

Chuck HamatyMaine Street Graphics, Inc.Bridgton, ME